Marisa Lester deposit #2

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Marisa Lester deposit #2


·      8 hours of videographic services the day of the wedding.

·      Cinematic highlight film {6-10 minutes}

·      Complete ceremony with professional audio.

·      Web ready

·      Not less than 2 videographers.

·      Not less than 3 cameras.

·      Not less than 3 DVD’s

·      Drone footage

·      RAW files on Flash drive.

·      Delivery of highlight in 8 weeks.

·      Delivery of Dvd’s within 2 weeks of approval of highlight.

·      Cinematic highlight real including but not limited to audio from vows, solo sung by groom's grandmother and mariachis 

·      Client will select background music and will take editor feedback into consideration to maintain editor's creative vision

·      Entirety of solo sung by groom's grandmother will be included as a chapter on the DV

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